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Building Links between Offices of emergency management, Childcare, and the community for Kids Safety

BLOCKS provides emergency management support to childcare organizations throughout the four phases of emergency management (mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery).

BLOCKS Inc. provides mitigation support through its identification of hazards relevant to childcare organizations and its integration and coordination with childcare licensing facilities to ensure best compliance with state and local emergency preparation statutes and regulations.

Preparation support is provided through development of individually tailored Emergency Operation Plans (EOPs) that include simplified checklists and action sheets to enable quick response during crisis.

Response and recovery improvement is enabled through training child care organizations on EOPs and basic emergency management fundamentals.  

Additionally, response improvement is further facilitated through integration with Offices of Emergency Management PRIOR to disaster striking. The stronger the relationships between emergency management officials and childcare organizations, the better response can be provided through understanding of the unique differences and challenges that childcare organizations will face during a disaster. BLOCKS  works to facilitate recover through building of community relationships that will speed business recovery, and ultimately enable quicker community recovery times. 

BLOCKS Operations & Strategic Goals are Aligned against Four Programs:

Disaster Preparedness

Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Integration

Public Education

Organizational Growth and Stability

To learn more about "What We Do" through our various programs click on the following:

Emergency Planning and Mitigation

Disaster Preparation

Emergency Management Office Integration


Community Resiliency Building

Response and Recovery Support​​

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