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Building Links between Offices of emergency management, Childcare, and the community for Kids Safety

Improving Response 

Mitigation and preparation are the first steps to improving response actions. The better prepared childcare providers are about the kinds of hazards they face, and the better trained to respond, the better the chances are that these actions will be performed well under pressure. Childcare providers should expect a delay in first responder and emergency management support during a large-scale disaster. The more training and resources available to childcare providers prior to a disaster will significantly impact how well they react immediately following a disaster.

Childcare providers are first responders for our children,

and they deserve to be trained as such!!!

BLOCKS is dedicated to helping prepare childcare to handle crisis while awaiting first responder response. Integrating with local offices of emergency management is just one way we are working to improve response actions.

Enabling Recovery 

BLOCKS recognizes the importance of building relationships between local childcare facilities and their communities. Long delays in returning to "normal" are bad not just for children, but for the local economy. The sooner childcares can return to normal operations, the sooner parents can dedicate time to individual rebuilding requirements (if applicable) and the community can recover through the restoration of normal business operations.

Please email us at: to find out how we can help in your local community.

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