​​​dedicated Naval service.  She is married to an equally dedicated Navy Officer.  While in the military she pursued graduate studies in Asian studies, conflict resolution, cyber security policy and emergency management. She is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and is currently working on her PhD. and focusing on childcare recovery.

As a working parent of two, she became aware of just how much of a gap existed in childcare emergency preparedness training & resources and vowed to use her experiences, education, and more importantly, motivation, to fill the gap. Her desire to bridge the emergency management and childcare communities culminated in the founding of BLOCKS. 

BLOCKS is the manifestation of that desire to help keep our children safe.

Contact her directly at President@BlocksUSA.org.

Listen to her speeches or read about her thoughts on childcare preparedness and recovery

Contact us:  1 (360) 801-8566


Building Links between Offices of emergency management, Childcare, and the community for Kids Safety

President & CEO / Founder

Heather L. Beal, CEM

Heather was raised to give 100% of her effort to every endeavor. Since her earliest experiences in Girl Scouts, numerous 

volunteer events and organizations, she has always sought to make a difference. In junior high she lead efforts against famine by collecting donations at local grocery stores.  

​After graduating college served our country with 23 years of

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