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Department of Human Services



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Who BLOCKS Plans For


BLOCKS provides planning and mitigation support to all childcare organizations. Childcare organizations can be broadly divided into three basic types.


1. Public Childcare Centers

(run by state/federal) government

2. Private (for profit) Childcare

(residential or in centers)

3. Non-profit Childcare
(both residential or in centers)


Planning and mitigation begins with a thorough review of Federal, State and local standards, laws, and hazard assessments to determine applicability to childcare organizations. All childcare organizations are subject to some emergency preparedness statute or law. BLOCKS believes holistic compilation is critical to effective planning.

Although the Federal government does not license or accredit state childcare facilities, Federal agencies with childcare facilities will meet all state regulations and statutes of the state in which they reside.

The 2014 presidential signing of the Childcare and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act of 2014 has created a very basil childcare disaster preparedness standard. The act requires emergency preparedness planning and statewide disaster plans for childcare organizations. It also requires childcare organizations receive emergency preparedness and disaster response trainingThe text of the entire act can be accessed by clicking on the link below

Childcare and Development Block Grant of  2014

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Contact us:  1 (360) 801-8566


Building Links between Offices of emergency management, Childcare, and the community for Kids Safety

The following chart (a living document that will be updated frequently), depicts Federal and State laws/statutes that require emergency management  planning by childcare organizations, as well as the agency that licenses or accredits childcare in a given state in a single spreadsheet for ease of  comparison.

Click on Agencies and/or Laws & Statutes below for more information.

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Last Updated 1 May  2018

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