Campaign Early Prepare – Earthquake is the first of what we hope to be many campaigns with a goal of training childcare organizations and their precious charges in earthquake safety. 

The first edition of Campaign Early Prepare – Earthquake (2017) focused on childcare in Kitsap County, Washington. 

Click here to read the front page Seattle Times article that came out Oct 16, 2017 featuring BLOCKS and others working to prepare their community.

Intent & Goals

  • To better prepare our community, and especially our children for earthquakes. We do this through emergency manager-led training on Earthquake Country Alliance earthquake safety techniques promoted in the Great ShakeOut™

  • As part of the training, we read Tummy Rumble Quake (a picture book written to teach earthquake safety) to childcare classes and demonstrate the techniques within individual classrooms so providers and children know what to do in a familiar environment.

  •  As funding supports we Provide each childcare with a free copy of Tummy Rumble Quake.

  • We hope to expand that to provide a copy to each child in pre-k as well in 2018.

  •  We also hope to increase registration and participation in the Great ShakeOut™ - an event designed to help promote earthquake awareness and the importance of training.
Building Links between Offices of emergency management, Childcare, and the community for Kids Safety


Contact us:  1 (360) 801-8566


We will be putting out information on our 2018 campaign and how to sign up for free training and earthquake training resources soon!

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