Building Links between Offices of emergency management, Childcare, and the community for Kids Safety

FEMA has developed the following child care EOP and EAP templates for use.​​


New Mexico







The following graphic provides links to templates created by representative state or city emergency management agencies to help with childcare EOP development (seen in red below).  Some sites below provide checklists or training material vice templates - this difference is highlighted with an "*" next to the state name. BLOCKS will post updates as we receive them.

We welcome your feedback and input. BLOCKS is working to create a "best practice" template for the five different types of childcare organizations. Please email us at Contact@BlocksUSA.org for help on creating your EOP or with updated information.

Contact us:  1 (360) 801-8566


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Last Updated 3 March 2018




North Dakota

South Dakota






Rhode Island


Being prepared for disaster is critical.  BLOCKS provides Emergency Operation Plan development, testing, and training support. There is no one-size-fits-all template for childcare, as each childcare differs in composition, structure boundaries, and risks faced.  Additionally, the requirements or hazards within each state also vary.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends that childcare organizations plan for natural disasters, but manmade, medical and threatening child safety situations need to be planned for as well. BLOCKS defines "threatening child safety situations" as situations that could include  but are not limited to: abducted or missing children, active shooter or hostile intruders, bomb threats, suspicious packages, disgruntled/impaired employees, parent/guardians or representatives, or a hostage situation.

In addition to planning for specific (and individually applicable) hazards, it is important that Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) and Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) include functional annexes that provide and standardize clear and  easily executable procedures for  evacuations, family re-unification, lock down and shelter in place situations.

BLOCKS has created this template for your use. Please contact us for help customizing.

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