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​​Over 60% of children age 5 and under spend an average of 33 hours a wee​k

in childcare arrangements *

Recovery is about enabling communities, childcare facilities, and individuals to recovery following a disaster. BLOCKS works to enable stronger and faster returns to operation for childcare facilities through community building. If parents cannot take their children to a functioning childcare facility, they cannot go back to work, and if they cannot go back to work, the community will not recover.


The actual responding to disaster quickly will save lives and property. The training and tools BLOCKS provides will enable childcare facilities to better respond during a crisis. Childcare providers need to be prepared to cope until help can get there. The time to develop a plan of action is not during the problem, but before the problem strikes.



Preparedness is essentially what the name implies, being prepared for the aforementioned identified hazards. BLOCKS helps childcare organizations take steps to minimize damage through development of emergency operation plans (EOPs) and through training on procedures to keep children and staff safe before, during, and immediately after the disaster.


Mitigation is designed to reduce the loss of life and property caused by disasters. BLOCKS reviews federal, state and local standards, childcare law requirements/codes and conducts  hazard and vulnerability assessments of local child care facilities.  Education of the risks facing a childcare facility is the first step towards preparation and potentially avoidance of a future problem. 

Even the best emergency planners cannot prevent disaster from striking. We can, however, minimize the impact to lives and property damage if we plan appropriately. With so much of our children's time in the care of others, we owe it to our children, and their providers, to help them prepare to face, survive, and recover from, disaster. 

​​​How Prepared

are Childcare Providers for Disaster?​

Learn how we're helping to keep our children safe.

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We are excited to announce the launch of our National Childcare Disaster Readiness Certification program! Click for more details!

​​Over 60% of children age 5 and under spend an average of 33 hours a wee​k

in childcare arrangements *

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